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Eagles In The Making
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In 2007 Three Towns Committed To Making A Tribute To Honor Their Veterans...
They Had No Money... 
Only A Strong Belief In Their Communities...
Now See With Your Eyes, What Their Hearts Have Seen.
Click Here; to see the unveiling of Neola, Iowa's
tribute to their Veterans.
Neola, Iowa In Bronze
Minden, Iowa's  Proposal
Underwood, Iowa In Clay
We Are Thankful For Many Things...
one of the important ones being each other.
This tribute to our Veterans has given us an opportunity to reflect on what is important to us as American Citizens and as Iowans. In building each monument we have all discovered that we are building much more. We are building faith in each other and the realization that as a community nothing is impossible if the hearts, souls and minds of those that live there work together. Our Veterans are serving us still! In remembering their service, each one of us have been reminded of their sacrifices and have worked harder to achieve more in our own lives for the good of all. Lives have been joined together and will always be connected throughout the span of time and distance. I can think of a great word to describe this. It is friend. There are many friends now...where once there were strangers. They are friends, because they choose to care. They choose to care, because they are given that opportunity and took it. All of us, in each of the towns, hope that as you come to visit you will be uplifted to the place of possibilities and leave here with a sense of impossibilities. There are many, many, people that helped make this tribute. Enjoy! If you can't come to visit our towns  right now, we hope you will continue to go on this journey with all of us through this web site. Wish us well. You can never have too many good well wishes. Today is your day...decide...what will your day be like...it's your choice. Choose!
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The Spirit Of Youth Joins In The Quest Of                  Thankfulness!
The beauty of humankindness shows up when giving comes straight from the heart. Today we are reminded of how young, and of how strong that can be as we get news from two area schools. The Underwood Elementary and the Tri Center Elementary both invited students to join in building the veterans monuments in their towns.  They could join by bringing change to school. Each school collected change for one week. At the end of the week. Underwood had collected $1,455 and Tri-Center had collected $470 and previously $242 with a combined total of $712 that was split between Minden and Neola. It goes to show that little things can make a big difference in changing a community and a world. "Thank You God" for all of the little things that come into our lives daily.