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                When People work together the possibilities
                  are endless...just like the stars in the skies
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"Three Towns
Working Together "
Teamwork and faith in your comrade. These are the tools that one must take when going into battle. These are the tools that Underwood, Neola, and Minden took with them when they worked together as a team to hold a street concert on June 23rd in Neola, Iowa.  It wasn't about how many workers there were from each town or how many people from each town showed up. It was not about three towns...it was about one unit. The unit of togetherness. That togetherness was truly felt that night by all who attended. The night was perfect and so was the crowd, the singers, the workers, and the donations from the heart. The night brought in $2400 and was evenly divided. Netting each town $800. There was something that night that was even bigger than the money and all those that came that night will have it etched in their memories for the rest of their lives. Think about this. There was food served, drinks to be bought and popcorn to be munched on, and when the night was done there was not one single piece of trash on the ground. When was there such a night, anywhere, anytime. I tell you where. In Neola, Iowa, on June 23rd in the year 2007.

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Memorial Day had flags flying high for the citizens of Minden, Iowa. The morning started with the flags saluting all who passed or entered at the Minden Cemetery. Concluding the patriotic and emotional service at the cemetery were the Veterans with their forever memorable sound of taps. Following the service, over 150 citizens from Minden and surrounding communities came to give their support to Minden's Veterans Monument, "Stars Of Honor" at a fund-raising brunch.  The morning's breakfast raised $2330 towards the project.
The breakfast brought tears to the committee members as they thought about how "duty called...and people showed up." One person reflected that Memorial Day morning was just like this when he was in the service and depended on his comrades. You had faith that they would be by your side and they were.
Minden is going to have their drawing for    "In God We Trust" painting Giclee on
Veteran's Day 2007. Don't miss out!
There is a free chance with any donation. Donation jars are at Minden Grocery and Lehan's Pharmacy.
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those frightful
things you see
when you take your
eyes off your goal.

             Henry Ford
"In Spite Of"
As you wander on
through life,
whatever be your
goal, keep your
eye upon the
donut, and not
upon the hole.

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Mayflower Coffee Shop, Chicago


Upcoming Event


Monument Swim
Sponsored by:
The City of Neola and the Neola Area Community Center

Where: Neola
Community Center

When: September 9th

What Time:
1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Cost: Free will donations

We will be having hot dogs, chips and cookies as well as a splashing good time. The monument swim is our pool open house and a fundraiser to benefit the Neola Veterans Monument Project.

Come join us at the Neola Indoor pool, it is going to be a great day!

All proceeds go to the Neola Monument
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